Perry Benson

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01-018 01-021 01-023 01-024
Bettendorf Meeting
place in thuderstorm
Bettendorf Clearing RADPAN in Coralville RADPAN in Coralville
01-025 01-028 02-021 02-1-BusFullOCyclists
I-80 Headed West Rudy Bartoldus
at the wheel
Glynn Wittber of
Jackson, TN with her pack
Ol' Blue on I-80
and full of cyclists
02-1-StormLake 02-1-TeamRadpan 02-2-StormLake 02-2-TeamRadpan
Storm Lake Campsite Team Radpan at
Bill and Dory's in Bondurant
Storm Lake Campsite Team Radpan in Bondurant