Perry Benson

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02-3-StormLake 02-3-TeamRadpan 02-Aaron 02-CoralvillePickup
Storm Lake Team Radpan Aaron The Coralville Crew
02-Ford250 02-HeadinWest 02-Jeff-at-work 02-JimsAC
Jeff's Ford 250 towing the
trailer with bikes and AC
Excited RADPANners
Headed West
Jeff Dunn working
under Ol' BLue
Jim showing the local
constabulary his tent
AC system
02-LocalWeed 02-Ron-at-the-Wheel 02-StormLakeTent 03-015
Local Weed in Bondurant Ron Douglas at
the wheel of Ol' Blue.
Storm Lake Tent RADPAN at Dory's
parent's house in