The Team RADPAN Quiz

Marco and Mario visit RADPAN

1. Which of the following best describes your philosophy of cycling?

  1. I ride "heads down" by myself to get the greatest caloric and cardiovascular benefits
  2. I enjoy riding hard and obtain the greatest caloric benefits by drinking "lite beer."

2. Riding a high-quality road bike is good because...

  1. It just looks SO cool!
  2. It provide the fastest means to get from bar to bar.

3. Riding a mountain bike is good because...

  1. They're just the rage.
  2. the heavy-duty rear rack can carry a cooler better than a road bike.

4. After a long hard day of riding, I would ....

  1. Take a nice warm shower, put on my bedroom slippers and jump into my orthopedic bed..
  2. Shower later, have a couple of beers and head into to town for some real fun!

5. It's time to break for lunch, you see two stands selling food -- the first stand is selling healthy foods; granola bars, bananas, apples, etc. The second stand is selling; bratwursts, maid-rites, pork chops and cookies. You decide to ..

  1. Only eat the healthy stuff!
  2. Say "When in Rome -- do as the Romans" and chow down on some pork chops and cookies.

6. Overall your friends would say you are ....

  1. Always serious and completely responsible.
  2. Fun loving and not afraid of adventure.

If you answered "A" to most of these questions, you'd best find another group. Additionally, if you see our big blue school bus camped next to your campground, you may wish to move.If you answered "B" to most of these questions, CONGRATULATIONS and consider yourself a member.

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